Web-based LaTeX Beamer presentation tool

DegreeBachelor / Master
Supervisor(s)Dr. Maximilian Hils


Like many computer scientists, we prefer to use LaTeX and Beamer to create presentations in our lab. However, unlike PowerPoint or Keynote, this requires a separate presentation tool if one wants to have a timer or see a preview of the next slide. The (in our opinion) best available option here is Présentation.app, which unfortunately heavily depends on macOS APIs.

With the rise of the web platform, projects such as PDF.js are now mature enough to do high-quality in-browser PDF rendering. We think that this represents an extraordinary opportunity to create a cross-platform PDF presenter that tightly integrates with LaTeX/Beamer.

The goal of this thesis is to implement an open-source web-based presentation tool that 1) offers a presenter view with basic amenities (timer, …), 2) tightly integrates with Beamer (display notes, skip frames not slides), and 3) supports stylus annotations.