Generalizing BlockSci to cross-chain analyses of forked ledgers

Supervisor(s)Dr. Michael Armin Fröwis


BlockSci is a domain-specific in-memory database for longitudinal analyses of blockchain data, such as Bitcoin transactions. This thesis should add a cross-chain feature, which would allow to analyze two related chains together while enjoying (almost) the performance of the single-chain mode. A typical use-case is to analyze address reuse (and thus common private keys) across different forks of the same cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The thesis should implement the cross-chain feature and demonstrate its usefulness with an example of cross-chain address clustering.


  • Kalodner, H., Möser, M., Lee, K., et al. BlockSci: Design and Applications of a Blockchain Analysis Platform. In USENIX Security Symposium. USENIX Association, 2020, pp. 2721–2738.