Visualizing the Databike

Supervisor(s)Alexander Schlögl, MSc


To improve the quality of the Computer Science learning experience we want to make our topics more tangible. One solution we are building is the Databike, an all-mountain mountain bike that can be equipped with a multitude of sensors. We want to build a course in the future where students can learn sensor programming and data analysis in hands-on labs on this databike.

A necessary component for that is a visualization tool for the received sensor data. The goal of this thesis is to build an application that can visualize the databike in 3D, showing all sensor values both on the bike and in an optional UI overlay. Ideally the final visualization tool runs on the three major operating systems, as well as powerful mobile devices. This will enable the visualization tool to not only be used for teaching, but also for potential applications in the tourism, trail building, and racing industry.


Knowledge of 3D modelling, Rendering Engines