The Databike

Supervisor(s)Dr. Michael Armin Fröwis


Since the rise of smartphones, electronic sensors became an integral part of our daily lives. Computing devices in general are becoming more and more ubiquitous. This trend does not stop at inherently mechanical devices such as bicycles. After e-bikes also conventional bicycles are starting to get equipped with electronic components (Sram, Shimano) to make them smarter and more convenient.

The aim of a thesis on the Databike is to explore new possibilities arising from the integration of sensors into a modern trail mountain bike.

Topics could be:

  • Trail classification while riding (difficulty, roughness etc.)
  • Setup, maintenance and riding assistance (e.g., creaking and rattling detection, rider positioning, breaking behavior)
  • Framework for sensor integration, visualization, and calibration (e.g., a smartphone app)
  • Evaluation of the security of electronic bike components (an attack vector for competitions?)

Your own ideas are welcome, but topics should not be too close to products already available on the market (Strava, ShockWiz, etc.).

We have:

  • A Lapierre Zesty AM 227 (with a Shimano XT Di2 electronic group-set)
  • A ShockWiz suspension tuning sensor
  • Diverse sensors and controller boards (Arduino etc.)
  • Magura Vyron electronic dropper seat-post

We plan to assign several related Bachelor theses on the Databike.


Interest in mountain biking, sensor programming, signal processing, hardware