Visualisation of cloud performance and security metrics taking account of data protection

Supervisor(s)Sebastian Luhn, MSc


Cloud services are a ubiquitous part of company IT infrastructures. Still, many questions regarding the security of data stored “in the cloud” as well as data protection issues arising from the fact that stored data can reside anywhere in the world are unanswered. The research project “VeriMetrix” aims to answer some of the questions regarding the compliance of cloud services with data protection laws. For this, measurements are automatically taken by probes in VMs of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud platforms. These measurements are combined and condensed to metrics, showing whether a cloud service is or is not compliant with data protection demands.

This thesis deal with the visualisation of these metrics. Important aspects are the correct but easy-to-understand representation of the metrics while simultaneously considering data protection issues that could arise from the metrics themselves. I.e., by observing the metrics, one could gather potentially sensitve information about the system the metrics are based on, especially if the metrics are publicly available.


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